Pyrolite range


There's a good reason for it.

It is not a secret anymore what a 29er mountain bike can do for your riding. You've got a winner when you succesfully combine those benefits on bike that is designed to fit you like a glove and provide you with ultimate riding pleasure while you conquer the meanest of climbs and roll fast over daring technical terrain. This is what the Pyrolite 29er would mean to you.

Lightweight carbon fiber frame, SRAM X0 drivetrain components, Rock Shox Reba RLT fork and RAVX XRD/Pace components provide a package that is high-level performance oriented and also within reach pricewise. If you have not yet tried a 29er mountain bike this is the perfect time to do so. If you are an experienced 29er rider, well, you can already see why you should choose a Solis Pyrolite. Have at it!